Monday, June 24, 2013

Lace by the Yard

Hey everyone, I hope all is well. Sorry its been a while since my last post but I have been busy. I made a beautiful lace skirt that I wanted to share with you. I was planning on doing a tutorial on the skirt but it turned out to be more complicated then i had originally planned. I hope you love the skirt as much as I do. Sorry about the pictures they are not my best work. I found this beautiful lace at Joann's and knew it would make a lovely skirt.

If you are interested in making a skirt like this I used a bottomweight fabric with a little bit of a stretch. I wanted to use something stretchy but also with a nice weight to it. I used an elastic waistband and then just layered the lace down the skirt. Once i figured out what I was doing then the skirt wasn't difficult just tedious with all the layering. 


Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day

I hope everyone has had a wonderful father's day. Ava and I took some pictures to give to my husband for father's day and he loved them. I got a wooden heart and painted with chalkboard paint and it turned out better then expected. She erased it several times but we had a blast with our mini photo shoot.

Happy Father's Day!!!!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Colorful Cards

My friend Danni and I decided to do another case study and we had lots of fun. For my card I used sprays and took a paint brush and brushed them on my card instead of spraying it. I used Dylusions sprays and Art Anthology sprays. This brilliant idea was Danni's and I think the card turned out fantastic. I love the vibrant colors I picked.
Here is what I based my card off of.

Here is my card

Here's both of our cards together. Danni's blog is Go check it out she is very talented and you will love her works of art.

Happy Crafting

Friday, June 7, 2013

Feature Friday:Heat Embossing

So i finally finished this Feature Friday project i wanted to start. Every other Friday I will "feature" a new product or technique you can use in your crafting. This Friday I will show you different ways of embossing. Lets get started! 

The technique of using embossing powders is known as Heat Embossing. An image is stamped onto a page using slow drying ink and the embossing powders are poured over the image. Embossing powder will stick to any moist, freshly stamped image, but special slow-drying embossing ink and the pigment ink pads stay wet longer and make embossing easier. When the loose powders are gently poured back into the jar, some of the powders will stick to the image. This is then carefully heated until the embossing powders melt. Embossing powders are fine granules that when heated, melt together to form a raised and glossy surface. Once heated, the embossing powders permanently bond to the surface. The finished result is waterproof making it ideal for painting. Embossing powders are normally sold in small tubs or jars of a single color powder. Embossing powders can be mixed together to create unique and customized colors and finishes. There are many different types of embossing powder available. They are all used in the same way, the main difference between them is the color or finished result. Embossing powders can be found in a wide range of colors and shades from the palest pastel colors to deep and dark hues. Transparent embossing powders are a versatile option and can be used in many different ways. Embossing powders have different types of finish. Some powders have a glittery finish, others a high shine and some even have a fragrance. You can also emboss on lots of different surfaces. For this Feature Friday I show you how to emboss on paper, wood, metal, and with Scor-Tape. 

 I choose to use this distress embossing powder but as I mentioned earlier any pigment ink will work well.
 I took the ink pad and smashed it into the paper and then used three different embossing powders to create this look. Next Feature Friday I will be using distress stains so I will finish this card then.

 So for this next embossing project i used the Tombo glue pen as my base for the embossing powder.

 This is a wood Kaiser Kraft mustache that i inked first then used the glue pen to write the word LOVE.

 I loved the pink and oragne together so i wanted to see the pink ink with the embossing powder. After i stamped the image I sprinkled a little bit of powder over the mustache.
For this particular image i had to emboss from under the image instead of directly on the image. The ink i used was not a wet slow drying ink so if I had pointed the heat gun directly on the image then all the powder would have been blown away. I also made a card using this image but I am also using distress stains on the card so you will see the finished project in the distress stain tutorial. 
 I used a metal fish to emboss on and also used the glue pen to hold the embossing powder.

 For the same project I used Scor-Tape to emboss with. I cut the piece i needed from the roll then embossed it. I put the Scor-Tape on an SRM tube so i didnt want to place it on my tube because the heat gun will melt the plastic.

On this project i embossing the metal fish, the Scor-Tape, and the under the sea stamped image.

I hope you enjoyed this Feature Friday
Happy crafting


Sunday, June 2, 2013


I thought i would share with everyone my beautiful family. We got our family pictures taken and they turned out wonderful! Connie Hanks took our pictures her website is and she does amazing work so you should check her site out.

My little thing thinks she is faster then the train